Better Known As The Clueless Buffoon & Eugenics Psychopath Duo

Let’s introduce them to our audience:

In the left corner you have the clueless politician. Probably totally ignorant of the reality, who has been guided every step of the way during this Covid-19 hoax virus by technocrats who are the paid hirelings of the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.)

That organisation is in the full control of Bill Gates (in the right corner) and his quisling director general at W.H.O. – an ex Ethiopian public health researcher and official who has served since 2017 as Director-General of the W.H.O. He has a disgusting track record of corruption in his native Ethiopia.

EVERY government involved in this hoax pandemic we’ve experienced have been taking advice from one source – The W.H.O.

As a reminder of the Gates web of influence, here once again is a chart of where he ploughs in his Foundations’ money to gain total control and influence of the global health service:

Prime Minister Boris Johnson closes the Global Vaccine Summit Hosted By The UK.

Here is his closing speech (viewable on the UK Gov website – click on the graphic)

To save you the bother here is what the ignorant clown said:

As we bring this summit to a conclusion, let me thank you all for the generosity of your contributions today.

Together, we have replenished this alliance, securing – and I’m the lucky one that gets to make the big announcement – a fantastic $8.8bn for Gavi’s vital work over the next five years.

And I want to say a particular thank you to Bill and Melinda Gates for their generosity, their philanthropy, yet again, and their continued leadership in humanity’s battle against disease.

Our ancestors had to live with the unavoidable reality that killer pathogens could at any time strike down their children, imposing an incalculable burden of sorrow.

Yet, today, thanks to the ingenuity of Edward Jenner, a British doctor from Gloucestershire who pioneered the world’s first vaccine, the simple act of inoculating our children can save lives many times over.

Vaccines work.

People who are vaccinated protect themselves and the rest of the population by lowering the spread and risk of infection.

Gavi’s work on routine immunisation is the strongest shield against outbreaks of infectious diseases, and so it is that our collective efforts at this Summit will now save up to 8 million lives.

Our actions – your actions – will also support healthcare systems in the world’s poorest countries, which are increasingly victims of coronavirus.

So today, as we make the choice to unite and forge a path of global co-operation, let us also renew our collective resolve to find the vaccine that can in the end defeat coronavirus.

For our part, the UK has already committed up to £764 million for the global coronavirus response.

And I’m proud to say that some of the most promising research into vaccines is happening here, supported by our Vaccine Taskforce.

We are pioneering the innovative collaborations that will be needed to manufacture and distribute a vaccine, once found, like the partnership between AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford.

So as we conclude today, let us unite to stop a disease like coronavirus causing such devastation ever again.

Just as we have great military alliances like NATO – and I hope that those of you not in NATO know what I mean – where countries collaborate on building their collective military defence, so we now need that same spirit of collaboration and collective defence against the common enemy of disease.

It will require a new international effort to co-operate on the surveillance and sharing of information that can underpin a global alert system so we can rapidly identify any future outbreak.

And it will need a radical scaling up of our global capacity to respond, exactly as Bill [Gates] has set out.

So just as Britain has been honoured to host this summit today, you can count on our full contribution as together we rise to fulfil the greatest shared endeavour of our lifetimes: the triumph of humanity over disease, now and for the generations that follow.

Thank you.

Not Stupid – Just Clueless & Ignorant

In fact, it’s a bit harsh to call him a ‘buffoon’ whilst he may look, walk and talk like a buffoon, he is actually reasonably bright, and has more about him than belies his buffoon looks and demeanour. Nevertheless, his knowledge of the medical world is way below par. Because of his crass ignorance in the field, along with the similarly knowledge starved and clueless politicians that share Westminster Palace with him, they need others to advise them, because they haven’t got a gram of common sense amongst them. Consequently they rely on the poisonous whisperings of the Cabal’s henchmen dripping poison in their ears. Added to that is the same poison, from the same source that’s incessantly broadcasting to the public via the Cabal’s propaganda system – the Mainstream Media (MSM). That same global MSM that’s owned and controlled by about six, unimaginably rich, powerful and influential individuals, who all answer to the Cabal. The result is that a huge swathe of the population is driven to stark fear and panic, and do exactly as they are told by their ‘betters’. That’s what we’ve observed since the make-believe outbreak of a supposed deadly virus. The answer to which ‘they’ say is global VACCINATION!

It’s time the psychologically programmed masses stopped slavishly following their leaders. Stopped allowing themselves to be lied to and duped into giving up their freedoms and rights, in order for the Cabal to usher in their long planned New World Order. It is reminiscent of the crowds following the Emperor in his new clothes, until an honest and innocent  little boy shouts ‘he’s naked!” Everyone else believed the lie about the Emperor’s new clothes, that only the clever could see them, when in fact the clothes were nothing but a scam. The same is true for those who believe the hoax that has been perpetrated upon us, because collectively they are afraid to tell what they see, for fear of being ridiculed for their supposed ignorance.

Enter Right – The Genocidal Psychopath

Bill Gates and his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation need no introduction on this blog. Enough has already been written about him and his Foundation on here, so I won’t repeat any of it in this post. Instead, if you still believe this monster to be the kind and humanitarian philanthropist, who Bo-Jo thanked for his (and the Foundation – by extension):

generosity, their philanthropy, yet again, and their continued leadership in humanity’s battle against disease

Then please allow yourself a bit of time to view the documentary about Bill Gates, in four parts, that was published here on the 1st of June 2020. Click on the button below to view the article and the four part videos in full:

View The Post That Contains The Above Information

Reality Check

The reality is that we are in the throws of a planned agenda. Bill Gates is an eugenicist – as has been officially recorded many times. He has also gone on record as saying that he wishes the world’s population to be culled – with a vaccination programme! Furthermore, he has a programme for mass surveillance of the whole population.

Now put your propaganda ratcheted fears to one side for a minute, and think a bit deeper about what has happened in the last few months. The hoax Covid-19 ‘pandemic’ has been nothing but a vehicle to herd the population in the direction wanted by the Cabal, through blind fear and panic, where everyone listens to the wisdom of the likes of Boris Johnson, who I believe may not have been duped to the extent that some think – you only had to see his body language and stressful demeanor to realise that he was pushed into the decisions taken by those pushing him at the tip of a sword along the plank.

If that is the case, and he put his political career in front of future generations’ lives, then he is even more culpable.

It really is time for the masses to stop this catastrophe, with a bit of knowledge and heaps of common sense. We need to act now, instead of being side-tracked into another protest scenario, that is fuelled by the same Cabal that lit the fuse on this ludicrous virus pandemic scare. The race riots are a manufactured and hijacked detraction, another piece in this unbelievable Cabal jigsaw – with Soros’ fingerprints all over it.

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