Do You Realise What Is Going On When It Comes To This Hoax Pandemic And The Excuse Needed For Global Vaccination?

Do You Realise What Is Going On When It Comes To This Hoax Pandemic And The Excuse Needed For Global Vaccination?


This sounds complicated, but the principle behind electroporation is strikingly simple; by applying an electric field that surpasses the electrical capacitance of the cell membrane, cells may be rendered transiently permeable, due to entrance of water into the membrane and the formation of hydrophilic permeation structures. In very simple terms, it is genetic modification.

How Delivered

Three needles are used in conjunction. Two of the needles deliver an electrical charge that makes cells ‘porous’ the third needle delivers DNA (from a variety of sources both human and animal based). The electrical current allows the DNA to be introduced and to enter into human cells. The long term effects are unknown, and the process could be misused for more sinister purposes, like making the receiver of such a vaccine sterile. As there will have been a permanent modification of the DNA within the recipient, if any offspring are produced, their ability to reproduce may be lowered or they may be totally sterile.

Mandatory Vaccination

Bearing the above information in mind, and the statements contained in official documentation (e.g. Agenda 21/ 2030) and the statements made by the likes of Bill Gates (a confirmed eugenicist), regarding a goal of depopulation, the fear is that a vaccine, rushed through, being the first of it’s kind to use DNA/RNA in a vaccination of this kind, uses the hoax Covid-19 as the perfect platform to deliver such a vaccine to the majority of the earth’s population. It is also talked about that these vaccines may be compulsory, and may be delivered without consent of the individual.

The Connections

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is at the forefront of the drive to introduce such a vaccine, under the guise of immunising people against a perceived ‘deadly’ virus, when in fact the virus named Covid-19 is benign and the subject of a scare campaign to entice people into thinking there is a life or death need for a vaccine. Coupled to that are the documented links between the Gates Foundation and the W.H.O. and those who are giving advice to governments, and more damningly their connection with the big pharmaceutical companies, who stand to make vast profits from such a scheme.

Learn More:

This nightmare scenario needs to be stopped now, and those who have perpetrated this scam need to be held responsible for the havoc created so far. Below is a video interview with Dr. Andrew Kaufman, which goes a lot deeper into this matter and helps explain what exactly is going on:

It is in your interest, and certainly the interests of your future descendents for you to research this material thoroughly. It is not sufficient for you to take my word for it, you need to prove to yourself what is going on in plain sight – all the information is readily available, despite the huge efforts put into censoring anything that disproves the ‘official line’ regarding this hoax pandemic.

I have had people respond to the information I am putting out on other blogs by glibly saying:

I’d prefer to listen to real experts.

How that individual knows who the ‘real’ experts are I do not know. However what I would suggest is that anyone who thinks along those lines needs to ask themselves:

What do the likes of Dr. Kaufman and other leading scientists, doctors and renowned academics in the field of medicine have to gain from putting out false information?

On the other hand, ask yourself:

What does Bill Gates and his Gates Foundation have to gain, what do the advisors that dictate to government politicians’ – that legislate  public policies have to gain, and more importantly what does Big Pharma have to gain? Where does the money trail lead, and who supports depopulation and eugenics?

Analysing that information alone should be more than enough for you to take the time and effort to check out what this fake pandemic is all about.

Alternatively you can meekly go along with the establishment, and those that influence that establishment, roll up your sleeve, get the vaccine and wait to see what happens. You will not be able to say afterwards that you made an uninformed decision. All the evidence is there in front of you right now.



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