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Sense and Fairness At Last From a Politician

I’ve never been a fan of Trump, however I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s more to the man that meets the eye. He’s made some huge bungles in the past, but on this occasion he’s come up trumps (no pun intended).

During this period of madness, we have gone down a very dark and sinister path, in a very short time – when it comes to censorship. Not only has that wholly wrong censorship been implemented by social media platforms – due basically to doing as they’re told by those who represent the Cabal, but they’ve been encouraged in this murder of free speech by politicians who are supposed to be leaders in a free democracy. It’s been a disgrace and very frightening.

Trump has gone in the opposite direction – and thank goodness for that. I only hope it’s not some kind of double bluff, because you never know who’s controlling who. However, at face value, his actions are wholesome and very welcome. Let’s hope it’s the start of the return of free speech and the beginnings of a turning of the tide.

Here is the press conference that took place only a couple of hours ago:



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  1. Wynne

    Action now taken by Donald Trump long overdue and is to be commended. Let’s hope the momentum is maintained and that common sense now prevails.

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