SENSATIONAL! Doctors Do NOT All Agree With The Propaganda

A Round Table Discussion Moderated By Dr. Buttar

London Real, working in conjunction with Dr. Rashid Buttar, gathered a panel of 150+ doctors (estimated at around 166 participants – all qualified doctors), assembled online in a video conferencing set-up.

The programme format was designed so that specific, burning questions were put before this small army of doctors, to which they responded with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response to statements set by the host – Dr. Buttar. The result is quite overwhelming. Between 95 and 99% of those who took part answered in the affirmative to the statements that indicated the untruths and false information that is being fed to us – as wilful state propaganda, distributed by the mainstream media (MSM).

This is a must view video, because this is the ever increasing display of the number of professional doctors and scientists that are challenging what the official line is, based on their medical experience, knowledge and research.

These are the voices of truth which you will NEVER hear on mainstream media. If they attempt to publish information, it is quashed, or the streaming platforms – like You Tube and social media platforms like Facebook are censoring their content, or shutting down their accounts, if the content does not follow the propaganda line. This is appalling. We have quietly slipped into a totalitarian state of control overnight. Welcome to the new world of dictatorship.

You can either listen and believe the official line, or you can get your thinking caps on, broaden your mind, listen to both sides and then make an informed decision of which version you believe. More importantly, don’t take my word for it:


Here is the video, stored on an independent platform that still believes in free speech:


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  1. Wynne

    It gets better and better. I thought the suggestion at the end that Donald Trump issues an Executive Order [E O] was interesting. He likes to bypass congress and has issued many E O’s. Let’s hope that he decides to issue another one. What more evidence does the world need before this madness is brought to an end.

  2. Big Gee

    It appeared to me that neither Johnson nor Trump were particularly onboard from the start, but they seemed to be pushed into adherence by the the advisors – the technocrats. The directives are coming from the WHO and we know about that corrupt organisation, dictated to by Gates and they are up to their eyes in collusion with Big Pharma.

    In the UK Johnson has his hands firmly tied, but Trump has more individual power and can issue Executive Orders, but he has to be careful.

    We can see the neurotic madness that has gripped not only the public but ministers, when it comes to the storm in a teacup over the weekend, when it comes to the Cummings fiasco. You’d think that he had the power to wipe out the whole of the north east with a journey there, which apparently broke the house arrest rules. MADNESS!

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