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The Other Side Of The Story

Interviews with leading experts in the field of virology and microbiology are kept well away from the mainstream media. If they don’t support the propaganda, then they don’t get invited to come within a hundred miles of any cameras, microphones or ‘echo chamber journalists’. In other words, there’s a media blackout of anyone who may challenge and expose the lies and fear-mongering generated by the mainstream news media. It’s a wipe-out of the truth. The fear is that the lies that propagate the scam pandemic can easily unravel if the truth is exposed from real principled experts. So corrupt information and one sided views of the ones encouraging this panic – based on lies – are the only ones that the public are exposed to. It is brazenly one sided, and designed to be so.

Professor Dolores Cahill, is one of the most qualified and experienced people in the field of immunobiology, virology and associated subjects associated with communicable diseases. She is one of those truthful and principled experts. Along with the likes of Dr. Judy Mikovits (described as the most talented research scientists of her era by her peers), Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. ShivaAyyadurai, Dr. John BergmanDr. Rashid Buttar, Professor Knut Wittkowski and myriads more too numerous to all list here. What they all have in common is, that they are all incensed by what has been going on – a scam on a scale that has never before been witnessed – they are gagged. They are truth tellers, brave enough to tell others about this hoax pandemic, perpetrated by the Cabal and their henchmen like Bill Gates, the W.H.O. Dr. Anthony Fauci and Prof. Neil Ferguson and others within fund greedy establishments like Imperial College London (£79,000,000 this year alone from the Gates Foundation) and The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. All sucking off the teat of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, who have monopolised the world’s health services. In turn they are controlled and directed by the Cabal – the power in the shadows, behind the scenes.

The Interview With Prof. Dolores Cahill

Dave Cullen recently had a mind blowing interview with Prof. Cahill. Not only did she blow the lid on what is going on, but exposed what certain corrupt influential people are doing in her field. As a leader in her profession, Prof. Cahill is one of the censored voices, who will never get the opportunity to give the other side of the story to the public on the mainstream media.

However the wheel is slowly turning, with people like Dolores Cahill getting a platform on social media- through sites like this one and others like Dave Cullen. The truth is leaking out, and more of the public are waking up by the day, to the fact that they have been scammed. The fear is receding and as time passes, the initial impact of the scare-mongering is wearing off. Huge permanent damage has been done to society – as planned – but hopefully with more experts like Dolores Cahill putting their heads above the parapet – because their conscience is stronger than their fear of repercussions – the truth will sweep to one side the lies told to us, and the misperceptions that have been triggered amongst the more susceptible in human societies the world over, i.e. the majority who are naive enough to still believe the rubbish they are fed through their television screens and other media outlets.

Below is a spectacular video recorded interview with Prof. Dolores Cahill, conducted by Dave Cullen. Long may her voice be heard and appreciated by the masses.

The visual quality of the video is not great, it’s been recorded over Skype-like technology, and Professor Cahill’s face is not in line with the camera. However, that is not important, the sound is clear, and the message is even clearer and revealing. For fear of censorship by You Tube, the original video has been downloaded and saved, and is now safely stored on the media streaming platform at Brighteon that I use. Please view it all the way through:

For anyone who may question Prof. Dolores Cahill’s qualifications, please read through her professional biography which is contained in the PDF document shown below:




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  1. Wynne

    Just watched video interview with Prof. Dolores Cahill. She could not have made the position clearer. The one sentence that, to me, summed up the situation. “We have to call it out now” Wake up politicians. Wake up world, before it is too late. Thanks Big Gee, great work on your part to place these video interviews in the public domain. When will this madness end !

    • Big Gee

      I know, quite a statement that Wynne – I picked my ears up to it as well. Apparently she’s a member of the Irish Freedom Party. I think she stood in elections in Tipperary. She’s a big cannon in the scientific world, but her problem – like all the other truth seekers – is that she’s kept well away from the public by the media when it comes to this madness. There’s only one side of the story in town, and the public are swallowing it.

      However she’s a very intelligent person, and I think she may be on to something, by bridging politics and her profile in political circles, into bringing the information into the public domain. We can only hope. She strikes me as one of those determined folk who once she gets her teeth into something there’s no holding her back! I certainly hope so, this control madness has to stop, and key persons need to start pushing back and enlightening the vacant ones.

      We could do with a few hundred like her, but they are slowly appearing out of the medical and scientific fields. It also seems that the legal lot are starting to wake up as well – especially in the US. Their gripe is with the shutting down of freedom laws and the protection of their sacred constitution, which is starting to be sidelined by the government over there – using this fake pandemic as a cover. Westminster have done the same with their slick passing of the Emergency (COVID-19) Act, which got instant Royal Ascension – before anyone could blink.

  2. LMF

    I have to admit to being a sceptic of this conspiracy to undermine our freedoms from the start, however I did feel the lock down was an over reaction to a virus that wasn’t as dangerous as it has been made out out to be. I thought the world just went into panic mode because of the MSM overreaction to it.

    However, as I’ve been told a few times over my 40 years of life, there are two sides to every story. And so what I have done is done the research for myself and i’m not just talking about watching some dodgy youtube videos, I’m talking about reading the papers that have been released for the virus from the the initial papers released by the Chinese in January up to the latest. I’m not a doctor of have any qualifications in the medical field, so I’ve also spent some time learning the jargon and learning how viruses work etc.

    What I have found is that this so called virus is not what it’s cracked up to be. Yes I believe there is a virus, I believe it has travelled the world, but what is scary is the reaction to it. Covid 19 pails in comparison to seasonal flu for example, yet the government has decided to enact draconian lock down upon us. Further research I’ve done is into how Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda fit into all this.

    Bill has been banging on about how the whole world needs to be vaccinated for years and what better way to introduce this forced vaccination than through a hyped up virus pandemic. The video with Dr Cahill is a fascinating watch and the god doctor has explained what I think far better than I could.

    She is absolutely correct that we as ordinary citizens do need to stand up and expose this for what it is, an attack on our freedoms and civil liberties.We have to fight back against the globalist agenda and fight for our nation states and their liberty as such entities.

    We are being fed a load of the preverbial and there is a growing number of people who’s eyes are being opened to the fact that our freedom is under attack from the globalist elite.

  3. Big Gee

    Welcome to the blog my old friend!

    Well done you – for doing your own research. As I say in my ‘Welcome Video’ on the HOME page of this site, everyone needs to do their own research. No one should take MY word at face value. The mainstream media on the other hand, should NEVER be listened to, unless you have access to both sides of every story they broadcast or print.

    The media is owned almost globally by a half dozen or so extremely rich and influential people, who are the henchmen of the Cabal. “He who pays the piper names the tune”. People say “But what about the BBC? They are financed by the government from the TV licenses paid for by the public”. What people fail to understand is that the BBC is not just financed by the government of the day. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation part fund the BBC (health news departments especially), to the tune of millions of pounds in annual donations. Now why would Bill Gates put his hand in his pocket to help fund the BBC? He’s not even an UK citizen! I think the answer is quite obvious – don’t you?

    It’s not difficult to find this information, if you go to the trouble of analysing their accounts. This is closely guarded information – for obvious reasons. – but not beyond finding, it’s just that it isn’t common knowledge. Ask a hundred people in the street who funds the BBC and I guess at least 99% would say that the public’s TV licence holders do. Now this is also the story with newspapers – they print what their owners tell them to print. As state broadcasters bend to the whims of their funders, so too the papers.

    You can’t trust everything you hear and read in the alternative media either – especially YouTube/ Facebook etc. It has been exposed many times that agencies like the CIA and other security services like Mosad and MI5 and 6, infiltrate and put out false information and stories to tarnish the reputation of ‘Citizen Journalists’. Consequently you have to be very selective regarding what is put out there. That’s why I stick to interviews with bone fide experts, like Prof. Dolores Cahill, Dr. Judy Mikovits and many others like them, Prof. Knutt Wittkowski being another one amongst them. Also check out this previous post featuring a video by Professor Sucharit Bhakdi Thankfully, more and more of these professionals are feeling obliged to come out into the open, to undo the lies and propaganda that is swirling around with the sole intention of panicking people and crippling them with fear, then taking away their freedoms with little complaint. If I had pointed that out a year ago I would have been ridiculed and laughed at as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ – who’s laughing now?

    Another big clue to what is actually going on, is the way that YT and other platforms are censoring information that goes contrary to the official line (video interviews with conscientious experts among them). They remove videos and even close down accounts down without warning. These Stasi-like actions speak for themselves don’t you think?

    So personal research is the solution, gleaned from reputable sources, like the experts referred to above.

    Get ready for the ‘second wave’ of this panicdemic. It’s calculated by the awake, that it will emerge sometime in the autumn. At that time the public will be blamed again, there will be further house arresting of the whole citizenship and then down the line comes Mr. Gates – hypodermic in hand – with his global vaccination programme. If you understand what the agenda really is (read Agenda 21/2030 which I’ve published on this blog), then the dots are very easily joined up.

    We are not a bunch of frothing conspiracy theorists (much as the establishment would like us to be labelled as). What we are is a group of many millions who are critical thinking open minded people who have picked up the scent of what is happening a long time ago. The trick is to wake up the Sheeple who are wandering around aimlessly without a clue. Most believe that once this panicdemic is over then they’ll all happily go back to normal – normal as we know it has gone for a very long time. Anyone thinking along those lines are single dimension thinkers who don’t see further than their own little personal bubble.

  4. cam

    I’m so glad to read this even though I can admit I have been fooled by disinformation agents. There is a reason why they invest the time and energy into such treachery. I guess it actually works in creating a divisive community and a lot of finger pointing. I value the fact that you are so strict in only promoting creditable sources. Good to see someone new publicly coming to their own conclusions and agreeing with your work Big Gee.

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