Richie Allen Show Podcast Monday 11/05/2020

He’s Back!

We all missed him yesterday for the normal Sunday podcast, which is published on this blog every weekend.

Nothing more serious than a frog in the throat apparently! Old Richie got nervous about loosing his voice in the middle of the live broadcast. I had a horrible feeling that the Censorship Stasi had nabbed him. But the luck of the Irish will probably keep him safe – I certainly hope so! He’s a national treasure.

Here’s the Monday podcast instead:




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  1. cam

    Awesome thanks! Just got home from work and I saw this so I am happier now that he’s back!

  2. cam

    I spoke too soon as he seems to have vanished again. I tried searching for his show but to no avail. Can anyone enlighten me as to where I can listen to his work, if indeed he is still recording his show?

  3. Big Gee

    Ha ha – yes you noticed he’s gone AWOL for his usual Sunday review again, I had to drop it again this week. My guess is that ol’ Richie has a breather for Bank Holidays.

    He’s still plodding away – he does a hell of a lot for virtually a one man band. So he deserves a break.

    However he had a brilliant live stream interview with Dr. Rima E. Laibow, MD earlier, which was still up on his web page this morning – when I went to download his usual Sunday Morning review. I’m not sure if it’s still there. Check out Dr. Laibow anyway – on Google. She’s a fascinating person.

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