The W.H.O. Is Lying About Measles Impact On Children – To Expedite Compulsory Vaccination

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Regular readers of this Blog will know that every Sunday, I publish the Sunday podcast of the Richie Allen Show. However this Sunday it seems to be missing, whether our Celtic cousin from Salford has had production problems – I don’t know. I have contacted him, but up until the writing of this post I haven’t heard back from him yet.

So as a compensatory treat, I’m republishing an article Richie wrote on the 7th of this month. It caught my eye, and is very topical at this crazy time, when our clueless politicians are threatening compulsory vaccinations. Not just to deal with this so called COVID-19 false pandemic, but the compulsory vaccination of our children against infections by such mundane things as the measles. Remember measles? A childhood infection that most parents just casually mentioned in passing – nothing drastic, certainly not something to panic about – a bit like COVID-19 (if there is such a virus, it still hasn’t been isolated or identified as a specific virus – certainly not the killer infection it’s been tarted up to be).

Anyway, enjoy Richie’s piece, I certainly did. Common sense at it’s best, but more importantly, the wholesale exposure of the lies we are fed from the W.H.O. on a conveyor belt. That same W.H.O. that’s in the pocket of the Gates Foundation, headed by the man who has gone on record saying he wants every person on the planet vaccinated, by vaccines that Big Pharma produce for BIG profits. I’m nor even going to mention Bill Gates’ legendary statements about the need to cull the population of the earth – a bit of a contradiction there – he wants to save people’s lives from infections by vaccination from one corner of his mouth, then from the other corner he wants to cull the population – which one is it Bill?

Personally I’d trust Dr. Harold Shipman to put a needle in my arm before Bill Gates, who hasn’t even got the qualifications of an auxiliary nurse. What he HAS got is a huge swathe of shares in various Big Pharma companies. You figure it out for yourselves.

Article written by Richie Allen May 7th 2020

WHO Is Lying About Measles Impact On Children – To Expedite Compulsory Vaccination.

I woke up to more press coverage of the measles vaccine today. The gist of the stories, which have been appearing in our papers every day for nearly three weeks, is that the World Health Organisation (WHO) is really worried about the decline in measles vaccine uptake. You’ve been following this right? UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock has gone from demanding that Social media firms delete anti-vaxxers (that was two weeks ago), to confirming that he will not rule out introducing mandatory vaccination for the UK’s children. Hancock declared that those of us who question vaccine safety “have blood on our hands.” Nice guy. Not a peep from the press. I won’t bore you with my explanation of so called herd immunity.

You know as well as I do that it is junk science. 82,500 people contracted measles in Europe in 2018. There were 72 deaths, meaning that 0.087272% of those afflicted by the virus expired. Europe’s current population is over 740 million people. The WHO claims that the unvaccinated are a threat to the immunocompromised. Immunocompromised folks have a faulty immune system. The WHO tells monstrous lies that go unchallenged in the press like that 1 in 20 children who contract measles get pneumonia. Liars. They tell horror stories of brain swelling and convulsions in many measles afflicted children. Liars. They lie and they get away with it again and again. The parade of brainless beauties who present the daily news shows never think to ask them for proof.

If like me you are over 40, you’ll remember that everybody got the measles when you were young. We all got it. Every kid had it. Most of us were thrown on top of a child who had it, so that we could get it out of the way. Somewhere in the world a millennial has read that last sentence and keeled over. Yes measles parties were really a thing, same goes for chicken pox. Rather than shun a sick kid, parents would phone one another and organise a play date. Do you remember children getting pneumonia, encephalitis or dying? No you don’t remember that because it didn’t happen. They got a rash, maybe a fever and felt uncomfortable for a week or so. The GP’s of yesteryear believed in exposing your children to these viruses. They knew that it helped the body to build a natural defence system. When confronted with this fact, modern doctors smile smugly and tell you that there have been advances in medicine.

Advances in medicine, really? The oft-mentioned future Mrs. Allen visited her GP last week. She’s not been sleeping well, is overworked and a little stressed. She’s lost weight too, not much mind, just a little. Her NHS doctor spent 5 minutes with her, didn’t weigh her, didn’t carry out a blood test and after five minutes, sent her on her way. Advances in medicine? My doctor back in Waterford, who is in her eighties and has been practising medicine for decades, spends at least 45 minutes with her patients, drinks tea with them, talks to them and tries to get to the root of their problems. Good luck trying to get a prescription out of her. The pharma reps must hate her. She’s a dying breed. Today, they tap a keyboard, wait for a result, give you a kick on the arse and a lollipop and send you on your way with a prescription. Five minutes tops.

There are targets to be met remember. Advances in medicine? Are you shitting me? I have not exaggerated Caroline’s surgery visit. That’s how it happened. Didn’t even weigh her. She was offered a prescription for a mild antidepressant. She declined and left.

We are rushing headlong into this Dystopian future I keep banging on and on about on the radio show. Who’d have believed that we would ever reach a time when a politician could threaten the nations families with compulsory vaccination? Well we’ve arrived now eh? And what of the consequences for those who resist? Will they stop at kicking the kids out of school? Course not, they’ll want to remove the child from his/her parents on the grounds that they are unfit. Academics and parents In Ireland have been calling parents of unvaccinated kids “child abusers.” That’ll catch on here too. The odds against your child dying, getting pneumonia or encephalitis are astronomical. It’s odds on however, that the unvaccinated child will be stronger, healthier and more active as they develop. So why would you want to compromise a healthy immune system with a toxic tidal wave of pus and shit that they DO NOT need? Why indeed.

Footnote by Big Gee:

Unlike Richie, I’m a couple of decades past 40. I also remember a time when mothers actively encouraged their children to contract the childhood illnesses that did the rounds. We all had measles, mumps, chickenpox, hooping cough and anything else that visited our school. The result? We got herd immunity in the population, that gave us community protection. Our bodies became naturally immunised, and that immunity stayed for life – that’s the way it’s meant to work.

Did any of the children die? NO. Did any get disabled – NO, with the exception of a local shop keeper in Tregaron (Dai Rhydyronen) – we have a habit in Wales of using the forename, followed by where you lived or worked. His shop was called Rhydyronen stores. He had one eye, local tradition had it that he lost one eye because his mother didn’t keep him inside for long enough after he had measles, and he caught a ‘draught’ in his eye, and lost his sight in it. He used to wear glasses and the one lens was greyed out, but he could see more through his one good eye than most could see with four – especially if money was involved!

At the back of his shop, he rented a room out to the local doctor – Doctor Alun as we all called him, his name was Alun Davies. People would go to the shop, and if they needed to see the doc they just slipped into his ‘office’. And as Richie commented, they would be in there for ages. There was never a queue, and he did his house calls regularly – daily. Today, you queue at the doctor’s, with a full waiting room, get seen for five minutes and leave with a prescription, the doctor having done his/ her job as a drugs salesman on behalf of Big Pharma. And they don’t do house calls anymore, unless you drag them out screaming, shouting and complaining.

Would you argue that there’s nothing wrong with today’s system, and the torrent of vaccinations that are pushed on us? I’m fed up of refusing the flu vaccine every winter, and I’m sick and tired of the advertising posters at the doctor’s urging all of us to get our flu jab – lest we all keel over and die. The sickness is in the system.


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  1. cam

    Sorry for not posting a comment for a while. I have been trying a different coping strategy for watching this all unfold. My very own brother had sent me a link recently purportedly claiming children in the Solomon Islands being ravaged by measles because their parents neglected to get them vaccinated. I’m assuming that was the gist of the article as I shook my head in disbelief about how conniving the media is with spreading its lies. People parrot back to you what they read about conspiracy theorists and how dangerous they are and how not getting vaccines has compromised the good caring people who have bothered to “listen to science”. But you’re not listening to science you’re not thinking for yourselves or using common sense are you?
    It’s staggering how someone with a masters degree could be persuaded by an article or two they read in a “trusted source “. I’m your brother for goodness sake! Do you think I make stuff up for the hell of it. Because I’m brainwashed? I admit I tried for months to persuade my brother to try Bikram hot yoga. Regardless that the bikram guy was a sexual predator, a lying deceitful repugnant piece of work, the yoga was beneficial. After all he stole it from a credible source. If anyone is interested Kriya yoga is the most beneficial if you can find someone who is genuinely accredited to teach it. I was accused of being in a cult for pushing bikram yoga. I found it to be beneficial and it was a tremendous help in aligning my posture. I certainly didn’t feel like I was trying to sell a lifestyle.
    And now it seems my beloved Richie Allen has been silenced. I hope that is not the case. I loved his satirical take on spreading the truth with humour, outrage and indignation. I hope he comes back because I miss him and his show very much. Despite being a late adopter.
    Whatever we attempt to do in life we run up against naysayers and people wanting to ridicule us for our beliefs. Having a confidence that you are of sound mind and body and looking to spread joy not harm is paramount. I applaud each and every one of you who embarks on a path of becoming a better person and not acceding to the wishes of those who set out to harm us with corrupt measures and poisons. Good luck to you all.

  2. Big Gee

    Thank you very much for that Cam.

    It’s like hitting your head against a brick wall sometimes isn’t it? It leaves me speechless, why people have such closed minds. It’s like a disease in itself.

    Is your brother still eagerly waiting for the queue to form for psychopath Gates’ vaccine? God help. Thoroughly programmed and fast asleep. I had somebody write to me yesterday to say that he thought Bill Gates was a thoroughly good man! Are these Sheeple for real?

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