The Eagerly Awaited Video – That Sends a Shiver Up The Backs of The Cabal

Here it is, the video you’ve all been waiting to see, but you haven’t  got full access to the original on the big social media platforms.

So watch it here:

And as a treat here is some music to go with it. I should have included it as a background for the intro. but it came to mind as an afterthought. Read the lyrics as you listen to this epic song written by John Fogerty and performed by Creedence Clearwater Revival – way back in 1969. Seems like yesterday to some of us who went through the tumultuous sixties!


But The Tide WILL Turn

We’ve had wall to wall propaganda from the Main Stream Media (MSM) for weeks. The trick with propaganda is to tell a big enough lie and then repeat it incessantly – it worked a treat in Nazi Germany during the thirties and forties. The other vital thing is that you kill the voices of anyone who may expose your propaganda. The Nazis did that with radio and newspapers. Unless they pumped out the message of the dictatorship, they were violently shut down or worse.


During this scaremongery and herd panic, people’s descenting voices have been cleared off the air, and the big social media platforms have deleted any video that goes against the propaganda narrative, where the message reaches viral proportions (excuse the pun – not intended), they are deleted or the account of the publisher is closed down and they lose all their material. Doesn’t that sound familiar to the actions of all totalitarian states to you?

A big descenting voice has been London Real. The other hugely popular voice who has been warning us all about the agenda of the Cabal (or the cult as he calls it) over the past thirty years is David Icke – to massive ridicule from the MSM and then of course, by the Sheeple – who simply repeat what they’ve heard – without doing a shred of research themselves. But he’s been listened to by the more critically minded and astute ones who are a minority in our world, because the closed minded ones outnumber the open minded. All the dots add up and the picture is coming very much  into focus in the last few months. Unless you have blinkers on of course, and you believe that this perceived reality that you have been programmed to accept can be trusted.

The Wake-up and The Videos

On the basis of the world wide wake-up, which is developing as people start to see the truth, many have waited eagerly for the third interview in a trilogy with Brian Rose and David Icke. The first live stream went viral with over 7,000,000 (million) viewers. This third one promises to be even greater. After the first, the Cabal through their henchmen that control the MSM, Google, You Tube and Facebook etc. started clamping down hard. Content was removed with no warning, attacks were made on websites, and then they started closing down accounts. All very predictable, as someone once said:

Fascist, if nothing else, are totally predictable . . .

So why would the MSM and the other information outlets fear the other side of the debate? Just as scientists, the world over are no longer interviewed (BBC policy), or allowed to have their opinions aired on subjects like man-made climate change. The answer is simple – to keep the truth from the masses and to continue to propagate the lies they want the masses to believe. If their arguments were that strong, then surely they would not fear opposition, but they do, because the truth is very hard to fight against.

I hope you enjoyed the video I prepared for you from the live stream last night. It is safely stored on my free speech, independent streaming platform. The fluffy stuff can be left on You Tube and Vimeo. The powerful stuff, that causes the Cabal to panic can’t be trusted on those platforms, so we, the people, have to make alternative arrangements and so far it’s working a treat.

Thank you for watching –

You can take a horse to water, but you can’t force him to drink.

Let’s hope you’re open minded AND thirsty!



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  1. Wynne

    Just watched video. The big picture is now crystal clear. Many thanks for making it available on your blog Big Gee. Very professional copy with clear audio. A video that the world needs to watch. Also nice to take a trip down memory lane with Creedence Clearwater Revival.

  2. Big Gee

    Ha ha! I thought it might appeal to those of my generation who are fast becoming ‘wrinklies’!

    The words are sobering though aren’t they? Certainly very apt for this crazy time we’re experiencing.

    I’m a firm believer that truth will always come to the surface – regardless of how heavy the hand that holds it down, like a cork, once released it bounces up to the surface for all to see it.

    Thank you also for your kind words about the video reproduction. It was a hurried job, maybe the next one will be even better. Time is the enemy.

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