This Is The New Face of The ‘Free’ World Post The Pandemic Hoax

They are running scared of one man in a small flat on the Isle of Wight writing books and publishing videos after 30 years of intense research into the sinister dark suits in the shadows.

He warned about it happening – well it’s happened – the NWO Cabal have made their biggest move to date – they’ve got a huge chunk of the world under house arrest with a scare story that has panicked innocent people into their evil hands. Billions will suffer and the control will be complete after the cull of the population of the earth. Still don’t believe it? Then look around you, worse is on the way as the following shock wave of famine and poverty hits us.

Most haven’t realised that yet – it will sink in over the next few weeks – when the novelty of being house arrested, having a holiday-like existence with the children on furlough pay wears off. Sadly many are already suffering who are in a worse situation – like the aged, and those already dying through lack of care, the suicide rates are going up, domestic violence is increasing and a severe depression is setting in for those who have already lost their livelihoods through the loss of their businesses.

Today (May the 2nd 2020) they took down Icke’s account with millions of followers, You Tube have taken down swathes of his videos in the past, as has Vimeo, Facebook have done the same. But they are fighting a losing battle, as millions are waking up. In fact they’ve done our cause a great service by drawing such attention to it. The fight for freedom goes on.

Here is a video featuring Brian Rose, announcing that the latest LIVE broadcast of London Real TV’s interview with him and David Icke, will take place at 5pm tomorrow (May the 3rd). Shortly afterwards, the video will be saved and uploaded to my private streaming platform for safe keeping.

The one below is from You Tube, but it has been saved. For now (as long as it remains up) it will show on here. Tomorrow it will be streamed from our private platform instead, along with a saved version later on of what will be an epic interview at London Real TV at 5pm.

Update: 03/05/2020. Now Streaming From The Brighteon Platform


You can see the propaganda version of this story on the British Bullshit Corporation web-site (how can you tell that they are partly funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation?). Disgraceful lies, spewed out in terror in case the exposure of their diabolical lies gets out to too many people. They even try to bring out the old gag about Icke being anti Semitic! You couldn’t make it up could you?


It’s not just happening here, the pattern is the same the whole world over. Here is a video that a supporter sent to me this evening. Chilling stuff. No one wants violence and death, but that’s the way the people are being pushed.

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