The RED HOT Dr. Andrew Kaufman Interview With London Real TV

Second In a Series

This is the second interview with EXPLOSIVE impact conducted by Brian Rose of London Real TV. The first was with another doctor – Rachid Buttar. Due to their content these videos are being censored widely by the main stream media (MSM) – more especially the video streaming platforms like You Tube, Vimeo etc.

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The videos recorded so far have all gone viral – attracting MILLIONS of views – hence the reason they get wiped, because of their popularity, and they fly directly in the face of the official propaganda dialogue. In so doing they are revealing the truth, and that is the last thing that the establishment want. If people are triggered to watch, listen, and THINK, then eventually the game will be up for those deceiving us with this diabolical hoax, which is already costing lives – but NOT from COVID-19 infections.

The HUGE Wakeup Call

Doctors and scientists in the medical field especially, and also people in the legal profession are starting to come out of the woodwork, because they feel they cannot let this nonsense that has caused panic, fear and stress across the globe go on any further. It is designed for ruination, of not just the economy, but people’s health and even more evil – people’s lives. We have given up our freedoms for a totalitarian regime of house arrest in countries across the earth. Along with other ‘citizen’ journalists (because the Cabal owned and controlled MSM will not give them a voice) Drs like Andrew Kaufman  the sane and highly educated people are being heard through platforms like London Real and this Blog.

The original unedited recording of Dr. Kaufman’s interview is only available in full from this Blog-site (plus a  few others) and directly from London Real’s website. We will not be beaten. As You Tube and others try to suffocate this information, more and more publishers of blogs and genuine alternative news media outlets, are increasingly turning to other private free speech streaming platforms to protect the content and to ensure that the message gets out there. We are winning in that war – who needs the likes of You Tube anyway? They have no magic when it comes to their video streaming platform, and whilst we may not have the cash to splash around, we DO have the expertise and the knowledge to side step these gross globalist elites.

This Latest Video

This version that I have is the original. Because of the hurry to get it out there it’s a bit rough around the edges. The sound quality via the video link with Dr. Kaufman is not great, and the video does not start to play for around 45 second – so be patient! This is being streamed from the private platform that Big Gee’s Blog uses. There are other versions on You Tube, but they are cut down and do not contain the full interview, being a diluted version they may stay on You Tube slightly longer. This one however is safe!

Enjoy, and digest thoroughly what this great physician and researcher has to say:

For further information about Dr. Kaufman’s research:




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  1. Wynne

    Another excellent video interview with Dr Kaufman. Interestingly, he referred to Agenda 21 [now renamed Agenda 2030]. The jig saw is almost complete. So many in the medical profession must agree with him but feel unable, for the reasons he explained, to speak out.

  2. Wynne

    I have made the comment below on Jac o the North current post Big Gee.

    If you choose to watch some of the videos from medical experts on Big Gee’s new blog at link below you may get a different perspective on the testing process.

    Not everyone can afford to spend 2 hours watching a video containing detailed medical evidence. I personally think that it is worth the effort. I accept not everyone will agree with this but I would welcome an argument from anyone setting out why the videos should be censored / banned in a free society.

    On a separate matter, while commenting on face masks, I liked Dr Kaufman’s analogy of trying to stop a mosquito passing through a chain link fence. I thought he did a brilliant job in trying to get people to see the bigger picture here.

  3. Big Gee

    Well done Wynne – you’re a STAR! Oh for more balanced and open minded people like yourself.

    The only way to get this vital information out is to spread it individually, because the MSM platforms are doing all they can to suppress the truth from the people. You have to ask why – don’t you? It’s not a difficult question, getting the answers from the suspects is something altogether different.

    As I’ve said before, my motivation is a clear conscience that I did everything in my power at the time of this crisis, to put my shoulder to the wheel of righteousness. It’s not a great deal, but with many more ‘there is strength in unity and numbers’. We the masses have a gigantic advantage against the tiny few – all we need to do is wake up and challenge that pathetic few that are controlling us.

  4. cam

    Well said. Keep going every person who wakes up potentially can convince others that you may not know to similarly comprehend the magnitude of what is going on.

    • Big Gee

      Amen to that Cam. The ONLY way we can push back is to spread the word – if we don’t no one else will, because they’ve taken the public platforms away from us – like every totalitarian dictatorship has throughout history.

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