An In-depth Exposure of The Lies and Statistics You’ve Been Peddled

Who Is The ‘Father of The Lie’?

Well for those adherents of man-made religion, especially those who have The Bible as their text book – it is SATAN:

You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lie.

John 8:44 – New International Version (NIV).

For the rest of us, who do not follow any man-made religions, you could easily attribute the tag to the Cabal who wishes to usher in a new, fascist-like totalitarian global government, absolutely controlled by them, where the lower level population has no freedoms, no independence and are treated as slaves.

Too amazing to be true? Look around you and see how this ancient goal has just taken a huge leap forward. Still believe it’s too far fetched to be true? Think again, as you look out wistfully through the window of your self imposed house arrest, and separation from your fellow humans – which you’ve enacted voluntarily. The draconian acts that have been passed, where the power to do this again at any time has gone into the Statute Books of so many countries – including the UK. It’s as clear as the light approaching at dawn.

What has this whole lockdown been based on? Lies and manipulated statistics – panic and fear – brought to you by the mainstream (false) news media at the behest of those in control – the elites near the top of the pyramid. It’s no longer warnings by those of us who could see it coming – it’s here for you to physically sample daily. For those who are still naive enough to think it’s temporary, and keep believing the propaganda story, then keep your head in the sand, and take it out when the game is over. It’ll be too late to do anything about it then.

So On To Statistics

Here’s a brilliant video produced by James Corbett. It analyses in detail how the statistics – or lies as Mark Twain labelled them, that have fuelled the panic and hysteria. Those peddled statistics make absolutely no sense – even to a lay person who is not a statistician.

The video also highlights how the most eminent professors, scientists, doctors and past medical advisors are increasingly coming out of the woodwork in their droves, to question the madness of this whole episode in our history. Are they all conspiracy theorists? Hardly when you look at their credentials. However they are being kept well away, and sometimes demonised by those who fear their deceit is about to be exposed. Who does the work of blanking out their faces and silencing their voices? Well our old ‘friends’ the lackeys of those who have perpetrated this scam. The MSM.

As for those who are keeping quiet, although they realise what is going on, then it’s an interesting exercise to see why – follow the money – e.g. Imperial College London, along with organisations like the WHO, who have received huge funding from no less than the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. I dealt with that monster in my previous post.

James Corbett:

Full report notes and reference links to participants featured in the video


I hope you watched that all the way through. Anyone in their right mind and not harbouring a closed mind, should by now start to realise what is going on.

As I keep on repeating:

Believe NOTHING and question EVERYTHING you see and hear from the MSM. As with ALL information, don’t accept it at face value, unless it provides evidence and proof of TRUTH.



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  1. Dai Oxhide

    Thanks for this excellent short article Big Gee ( my schoolmates at Blaenavon used to call me “little Willi” ) I shall pass this on to my circle and hope that they start to question everything too.

  2. cam

    Good man Dai. That’s the spirit. We all have a voice and it’s very important that even if we can’t convince others to wake up, to at the very least introduce the element of doubt. If enough sane, educated, thoughtful people introduce these notions of government tyranny early enough it gives this docile crowd enough pause to seek the truth themselves and try to grapple with how horribly they have been lied to by people they should trust.

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