From The Horse’s Mouth

A word of warning before we go further. There’s a lot of chatter going on out there, so you have to be careful with the information that’s posted on the internet. You will always get clowns that don’t actually know what they’re talking about – much of it based on assumptions and not facts or evidence. That is dangerous, misleading and confusing for those who read the material. EVERYTHING that anyone publishes should be based on facts, it should be truthful and not exaggerated and above all else it should accompanied by evidence. Proper research is the answer to stop falling into such traps. Good intention is not good enough, neither is assumptions or guesswork – it has to be based on what is known, from trusted sources.

Misinformation and Disinformation

There IS a lot of misinformation flying around. From the mainstream (false) media – it’s always a given that you can never accept what the mainstream media says at face value. It’s not a question of blatant lying, it’s a case of repeating the official line, put out by the authorities. If you believe what the authorities say, then you have a problem. It’s been historically proven over and over that the authorities cannot be trusted. There’s a term for it – PROPAGANDA – designed intentionally to create the perception of what they want the public to believe, for reasons I will not go into here. It is a control game, with a very dark and sinister intent.

A Bit of Wisdom

Below is a video of what Professor Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi has said. You may have heard of him extremely briefly on the mainstream media, but they haven’t dwelled on it, unlike the way they dwell incessantly on people like the Government leaders, and their so called ‘medical’ advisors, like Professor Chris Whittly in the UK or Dr. Anthony  Fauci in the US (although things may change soon when it comes to Dr. Fauci – more on that in the next post).

There’s a reason for this – the ones following the lines, in harmony with the dark suits behind most governments, get unlimited coverage. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi is swimming against the current, hence his low profile on the media. It flies in the face of the propaganda that’s being spewed out, wall to wall, 24 hours a day.

Sucharit Bhakdi is an infectious medicine specialist. The Professor is one of the most highly cited medical research scientists in Germany. He was head of the Institute for Medical Microbiology at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, one of Germany’s most distinguished seats of learning. His qualified expert insight and advice is of far more usefulness than what establishment propaganda mouthings come from Whittly and Fauci put together.

He has gone on record as saying that the Current response to the Coronavirus is “Grotesque, Absurd and Very Dangerous”. He has also referred to this Corvid-19 as a ‘Spook’.

Here is a translated copy of the letter he sent to Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, expressing his views:

Dear Chancellor,

As Emeritus of the Johannes-Gutenberg-University in Mainz and longtime director of the Institute for Medical Microbiology, I feel obliged to critically question the far-reaching restrictions on public life that we are currently taking on ourselves in order to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

It is expressly not my intention to play down the dangers of the virus or to spread a political message. However, I feel it is my duty to make a scientific contribution to putting the current data and facts into perspective – and, in addition, to ask questions that are in danger of being lost in the heated debate.

The reason for my concern lies above all in the truly unforeseeable socio-economic consequences of the drastic containment measures which are currently being applied in large parts of Europe and which are also already being practiced on a large scale in Germany.

My wish is to discuss critically – and with the necessary foresight – the advantages and disadvantages of restricting public life and the resulting long-term effects.

To this end, I am confronted with five questions which have not been answered sufficiently so far, but which are indispensable for a balanced analysis.

I would like to ask you to comment quickly and, at the same time, appeal to the Federal Government to develop strategies that effectively protect risk groups without restricting public life across the board and sow the seeds for an even more intensive polarization of society than is already taking place.

With the utmost respect,

Prof. em. Dr. med. Sucharit Bhakdi


“He who has wisdom let him use his own discernment”


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