End This Stupid Lockdown NOW! Read my detailed info page on this subject

It’s time to wake up and rise up. We have allowed this fake pandemic, this corona virus hoax and this absurd lockdown to go on for far too long already.

Have We Been Deceived? YES!

  • We have allowed authorities to become tyrants.
  • We have swallowed whole the fairy tale lies of a new killer virus, a new invisible enemy and a new war on bioterrorism. We have allowed panic, irrationality and fear to run our minds and our societies. We have gladly handed over precious rights and freedoms.
  • We have crawled to officials and begged them to save us. We have meekly accepted ridiculous rule after ridiculous rule, wearing inane masks (that don’t even prevent germs from entering our mouths) and partaking in asinine OCD behaviours.
  • We have accepted house arrest, virtual martial law and massive restrictions on our intrinsic, inherent or God-given (whichever word you prefer) rights.
  • We have allowed governments to restrict our ability to gather, to assemble, to move, to trade, to work, to shop, to live normal lives –

FOR WHAT? For an unproven disease that is no worse than the seasonal flu?

WE HAVE BEEN SCAMMED! This has got to stop – now!

The Simple Truth: There is No Virus

Let this simple truth sink in for a moment.

No one ever isolated the virus; no one ever proved the virus exists; no one followed Koch’s postulates to validate the virus. A massive percentage of the world has been thrown into tyranny because of some RNA samples from lung fluid. Wow. What a scam indeed. Read my detailed info page on this subject

The whole coronavirus hoax is based on lies.

There is no virus.

Instead of asking questions, thinking critically and challenging officials (who want to massively extend their power), people put on their best sheep uniforms, meekly complied and obeyed, and behaved like good little slaves on the plantation.

Easy, All Too Easy

  • Out came the quarantine shaming and the virtue signalling.
  • Out came the curfews (because remember, viruses spread more between the hours of 9pm and 5am, right? …).
  • Out came the checkpoints (hey virus, show us your papers, please).
  • Out will come the military on the street (UK Emergency bill to strengthen coronavirus (COVID-19) response plans).
  • Out came the 6 foot/1.5 meter/1 meter requirements (because viruses can jump different distances depending on which country they are taking a holiday in).
  • Out came the denial (they’re only doing it for your safety …).

A little ignorance (of the nature of the virus and the mindset of your manipulators), a little fear … and you’re gone. Trapped. The sheeple are being masterfully conditioned.

Don’t you dare complain – because the coronavirus with kill everyone if you don’t listen!

Exit: Obedience and Compliance. Enter: Self-Respect and Righteous Anger

Now comes the pain, the shame, the knot in the stomach. You’ve been had. You’ve been conned. You’ve been scammed. BIG TIME. But … it’s never too late to wake up. It’s never too late to change course. It’s never too late to pull your head out of the sand and set things right.

It’s time to end the lockdown. It’s time to end this weak, pathetic obedience. It’s time to end this spineless compliance. It’s time to stop cooperating with tyranny. It’s time to stop arguing for your own enslavement.


It’s time to summon some self-respect. It’s time to summon righteous anger. It’s time to channel that anger, peacefully but with power and force, to make things right. It’s time for self-worth and self-decency to take hold.

Deep down, there must be something in your gut that tells you – “NO!”. As for me, I’m not going to be a slave of any elite psychopathic cabal! I’m not going to be fooled, deceived, manipulated and trapped. I’m not going to take this shit lying down!

Rise up as the powerful being that you are.

You were born free. We were all born free, it’s the system that has attempted to enslave us. No one is going to take that away from us, if they do it physically, they won’t do it mentally . Stop waiting around for someone else to do something about it for you.

**** Reach out to people, share this information, band together and do what’s right  ****

If you don’t want to do that – get down on all fours, grow some wool and go and graze in a field.

End the Lockdown: The Time is Now

The longer this ridiculous charade continues, the more grave damage is being done. People are becoming destitute, people are being thrown below the poverty line and people are being made to be dependent on government (want your welfare money? OK. Just get your vaccine, your microchip and your digital money wallet). People are are starting to become conditioned to accept the new ‘normal’. Tyrants have suddenly exploded and are looking for any excuse to maintain and extend their powers (watch out, a 2nd, 3rd and 4th wave of coronavirus are headed this way). 5G installation is being rolled out in schools and in public places while everyone is staying meekly, frightened and at home.

Don’t you get it? This isn’t just going to end. It’s only going to end if we stand up and demand it in great numbers! We have to make it happen. Share this far and wide. Tell people the truth.

No more co-operating with your own enslavement.


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