The Panic

I wrote in an earlier post how the mainstream media and the video platforms went into a meltdown of panic following a recent interview on London Real last week that highlighted the link between this fear driven so-called virus pandemic and 5G. The response was breathtaking, you could swear that someone had set off a nuclear device somewhere in the city. The response seemed extremely unproportional. The video went viral with MILLIONS of hits around the globe – proving that this information is something that people are seeking, hopefully it’s a sign of an awakening amongst the people.

Podcast With The German Group Was Ist Das

A conversation involving the contents of the earlier deleted London Real video by You Tube, Vimeo and other video platforms. Censorship backfires spectacularly! The video is still going viral.

This podcast bulks out the material discussed last week and explains what exactly is going on.

It Gets Worse For The Cabal’s Mouthpieces

This morning the ITV presenter Eamon Holmes got himself into hot water. He simply said:

What I don’t accept is mainstream media immediately slapping that down as not true when they don’t know it’s not true. . . .

It’s very easy to say it is not true because it suits the state narrative.

Holmes was talking about the connection between the ‘virus’ and the coincidental accelerated roll out of 5G. Now to me that sounds like a very balanced and open minded statement. But of course he had hit that raw nerve again – the connection between 5G and the virus. Not having learnt the lesson of what happened last week, the cabal’s mouthpieces started baying for his blood. Consequently, drawing people’s attention to what is actually going on – excellent – keep it up I say – you’re doing a grand job of getting people to focus on the super lie, that 5G is not harmful. The truth has a habit of revealing itself in mysterious ways.

5G Dangers

The dangers of 5G have not been investigated and no safety measures put in place. The governments and the huge global companies that are behind the deployment of 5G have absolutely refused to listen to the tens of thousands of medical doctors, scientists, professors and highly qualified engineers, who have repeatedly warned of the health dangers of using high frequency microwaves. Then to cap it all, the work of putting 5G antennas on utility posts (one for every dozen or so houses) and the approval for Elon Musk to put satellites in space to communicate with those antennas at this dangerous frequency has been accelerated during this ‘lock down’. Now there is increasing evidence that there is a link between the use of 5G and the illness that has mysteriously appeared in Wuhan – immediately after 5G was implemented in that city. The same applied to Lombardy in Italy. Furthermore the air quality in those two cities is notoriously bad. That increases the prevalence of respiratory diseases, and resultant toxicity found in the cells affected in the bodies of human.

Exosomes – The Key To The Mystery?

There is mounting evidence from people like Dr. Andrew Kaufman in the States that the virus is actually the manifestation of Exosomes. Exosomes are a type of extracellular vesicle that contain constituents (protein, DNA, and RNA) of the cells that secrete them. They are taken up by distant cells, where they can affect cell function and behaviour. The revelation is that the microscope slides of the supposed ‘virus’ that have been circulated by those who would have us believe that this ‘virus’ that has appeared, are IDENTICAL in every detail to slides taken of exosomes (another coincidence?). But the killer blow is that exosomes are excreted by cells when they are toxin laden OR when they have been exposed to levels of radiation in the microwave band of 5G – go figure as the Americans say.

Little wonder that we are seeing this panic as the truth leaks out. It could scupper the whole project couldn’t it?

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