Another entertaining podcast from Richie Allen – the most listened to independent radio podcaster in Europe.


Sadly the core material is still this wretched Corvid-19 hoax ‘pandemic’. Richie goes over the news for his Sunday podcast, with tit-bits from various papers and TV broadcasts that are routinely televised every weekend.

For me, with my background in electronics and computing, the highlight is the interview with Bill Gates. He’s probably the most despised giant of the industry – everyone I know, hates Microsoft, but reluctantly we’ve had to yield to his Windows Operating System, often against the grain. Some of us have championed the Linux open source challenger to his proprietary (you pay through the nose for it) Windows platform for years, but with his psychopathic and monopoly mentality, Gates elbowed and shoved everything else out to the peripheries.

Now that he’s left Microsoft behind, he’s currently focused his attention on his fake philanthropic interests – the health industry, Big Pharma and more specifically his obsessive drive to get the whole world vaccinated. As someone once said:

I wouldn’t trust him to tell me the time, if he was standing in a roomful of ATOMIC CLOCKS !

He has form when it comes to his modus operandi. He is without a doubt one of the front guys for the global cabal, who are behind this latest hoax, along with previous scams like the man made climate change. People like Gates, who make up the 1% are so powerful and rich that they control governments. Not a healthy situation for us mere mortals.


You can fill in the gaps by listening to Richie Allen’s Sunday podcast – or if you want more in depth information about Bill Gates and his eugenics roots then CLICK HERE




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