The Censorship Bomb That Went Off On London Real!

Here’s The Video That’s Caused The ‘Archons’ To Panic

Touch a raw nerve and you can judge by the distance of the victim’s leap how much it hurt! But we’re not talking about toothache here. The same applies when you corner someone with a question and they haven’t got the answer, the next step is to go on the offensive, to try and ward off the heat from the questioner – especially if the subject material exposes lies that are peddled as facts. Even children do it, they often go into an aggressive mode when cornered after they’ve been caught out doing some mischief.

That’s exactly what happened last Monday the 6th. Brian Rose the guy who anchors London Real, had an interview with David Icke, about the so-called Covid-19 virus and the effects of 5G microwave radiation. The dangers of 5G at the upper frequencies are well known to physicists, engineers, scientists and medical doctors, but that information has been muffled, buried and kept well away from the unsuspecting public. The interview in question blasted the lid off the possible connection between the rolling out of 5G in Wuhan and also in Italy. Coincidentally (do you still honestly believe in coincidences?) we had the worst outbreaks of illness in cities in China and Italy –  which has been attributed to a huge (so-called) Corona virus outbreak in those very areas. Time to connect the dots. You may also like to hear what Dr. Andrew Kaufman and also Dr. Rashid Buttar have to say about this. Search out their material.

Sure enough, the raw nerve had been touched on Monday, and the Archons/ Djinn/ Demons/ the Cabal/ the Cult/ the Elites/ the 1% – call them what you like – they are all different labels on the same monster, jumped into action. YouTube instantly wiped the video – but too late – it had already gone viral (excuse the pun) it was the second biggest audience ever of a live streamed video via YouTube – anywhere in the world. The cat was well and truly out of the bag. The hits on the video later went into the millions. So the guys in the dark suits in the shadows decided that something had to be don every  quickly – to avoid truths being spilled out to those they had fear filled –  the poor public. Censor Warp Drive engaged!

So the global cabal controlling propaganda broadcasting in the UK, brought in the big propaganda guns of the British Government – the BBC(known to some as the British Bullshit Corporation) – who featured the story on the front page of their site. A bad mistake – guess what that managed to do? Everyone and their dog were desperate to see what the video was all about. The video started getting sabotaged on various sites, where it had found it’s way into the hands of honest and truthful website administrators. Here’s a screenshot of part of the BBC’s report:

Followers of the story frantically started hunting for copies of it. As it happens, I have a copy on my personal private server, that anyone is free to download and pass on, or they can re-upload it to other platforms at will. This information needs to be available far and wide, if only for the sake of balanced reporting. It’s called freedom of thought and speech.

If you want a copy for yourself, simply download and save it to your computing devices from this location:

As you can see, it’s a compressed (zipped) folder containing the video in MP4 format, so it should run on most media players. After downloading and saving it, extract it from the folder. You’re free to do what you want to with it afterwards, either mail it to your friends, send them the link, or upload it again to another video distribution platform e.g. Bit Shute, Brighteon, Vimeo (although Vimeo has been known to delete it previously) the choice is yours. But at least it won’t be lost, and will still be easily accessible to all. There’s more than one way of skinning a cat!

P.S. Vimeo has now taken it down from my account with them! Desperate aren’t they? But that won’t work either, it’ll pop-up again on here from a different streaming source (when I have some spare time I must leave a note to myself to explore the viability of setting up my own streaming video server somewhere behind a VPN). The things we have to do – simply get the truth out! You could swear we’re living in a totalitarian state. Wasn’t this the type of thing we accused the Soviets and China of doing in the past?

Let Brian Rose of London Real explain the background to you:



To round off this post here’s the final word from the man who triggered the whole thing and made the powers that be screech like a scalden cat – simply by exposing some truths to the people, and turning millions of heads in the process!


In the very possible event of both London Real and the David Icke websites getting shut down in the future, there is a little corner of the Internet where this video can be accessed – by using the download link I’ve provided above.

And here’s the ‘cap stone’:



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  1. Wynne

    Just viewed David Icke interview and circulated link to friends. Thanks Big Gee. Very interesting.

  2. Big Gee

    Diolch Wynne – my pleasure. At least when my grandchildren ask “what did you do during the great democracy snatch Dadcu?” I can say I tried my best to wake some people up! 🙂

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