The Agenda Behind The FEARDEMIC

The Agenda Behind The FEARDEMIC

Be Selective About Who You Listen To

Confusion can be a big causative factor when it comes to fear, because you may be unsure of who to listen to and who to believe. There’s a simple remedy for that. Thoroughly analyse and study everything you are being told, use your common sense, be sure of your information sources, and above all else, be very cautious of who you are taking advice from. If it’s a source that has been proven to be:

  • unreliable in the past,
  • who hs a hidden political agenda,
  • that is controlled by money, power and influence, and above all else,
  • doesn’t report all the facts,
  • that buries fact,s or gives you
  • a perpetual, (the hidden, permanent government in the shadows) view of things, then the chances are that you are being taken for a ride.

I am talking here about the mainstream media, and most politicians (who are operating in crass ignorance and are controlled by others in the shadows), they are echo chambers for their ‘advisors’ who are playing them like a violin string, they are mostly clueless. Fear and panic is not only the domain of the uninformed masses, it’s something that effects everyone, including politicians and lazy journalists. All – except those who are fully aware of what they are doing in the background, and are very clear about what their target goal – the hidden agenda – is. They know exactly what’s going on, and they control the news and political agenda, that’s pumped out for  the public to view and swallow.

Generated fear is a psychological weapon, that’s well known for distorting peoples rationality, common sense and perception of true reality.

I have a select few that I personally trust. Amongst them is Dr. John Bergman MD. His track record is impeccable when it comes to these things. He’s not alone, there are literally many thousands of scientists and doctors who are crying out against what is happening, but their voices are kept away from us. Their views are dumbed down, or rather, you don’t hear what they write, research, and say, that information is censored, hidden and buried out of sight. When they use services like You Tube, their material is removed without warning – it mysteriously disappears. That is because they want the source of the information provided to the public to be controlled. About 98% of what people hear and see is provided by the mainstream media who are ALL singing from the same authorised song sheet given to them by those who dwell in the shadows and control our lives and the world we live in.

So far, they’ve been incredibly successful at doing that, but it’s early days, slowly but surely people are starting to question what is happening. Only today I had a face to face conversation with someone who has a young relative in the RAF. He was showing his aunt the new house he has moved into via Skype. On the bed was his pressed uniform and a communication device. When his aunt asked what that was, he innocently explained that all personnel had been issued with one, to alert them if they were needed for military action against the public. Surprised? I wasn’t, but more revealing was that the aunt was also questioning what is actually going on – far removed from what she had told me earlier that “we must listen to the advice from the authorities”. A subtle change in thinking. Hopefully that will get greater as time goes on. And reality and truth of what is happening to us sinks in.

Just stop and think carefully about what has happened to free citizens across the globe in a breathtakingly short time. Just think how many of our freedoms and basic human rights have been snatched away from us in the blink of an eye. Only yesterday, on the Andrew Marr show – broadcast by the British Bullshit Corporation (BBC) he said:

Matt Hancock: ‘Outdoor exercise could be banned if people flout rules’

Meaning of course that the clampdown is being – small steps at a time – ratcheted up. We are now on the verge of a total house arrest situation. Have you noticed how the rules have been incrementally made tougher as time progresses? We started with a 7 day suggested self quarantine period. That crept up to 14days, then one month, followed by a three month clampdown, we now are told that is now likely to be increased to six months. Yesterday (Sunday) we hear that we will possibly have a no outdoor exercise ban imposed.

All of this we’ve voluntarily accepted without question (well not by the majority at least), because of the fear factor that has been conjured up. Fear is the most potent of all emotions, because when it kicks in our primitive survival mechanism kicks in. All reason and questioning is put to one side, as what is called the reptilian brain takes over and we go into ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ survival mode. Once panic is triggered then it becomes almost impossible to reason with a person in that state, or a ‘herd’ of panicked people.

Must Watch

If you have not bothered to watch the many videos I’ve loaded on to this blog over the last week or so, please make time for this one, from a trusted source. Here is Dr. Bergman explaining the complexities of what is happening through the eyes of a practising professional of many years in the medical field. He’s not usually so politically specific, but he now obviously believes he needs to warn people about what is going on from more than a medical viewpoint. He’s an American, so what he says is mostly USA centric, but the situation is exactly the same in other countries, including the countries of the UK.


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