In his own inimitable way Richie talks about the ‘lock down’ (apparently you can’t go out to sunbathe anymore – despite the fact that it’s vitamin D from the sun that we need to keep our immune systems in top condition! Also,  daft statements by politicians over the weekend, more propaganda from the BBC, and an incredibly interesting piece about microwave (5G) radiation and it’s effects.

Here’s a bonus – ex Royal Navy weapons research and development scientist and former MI5 employee

Dr. Barrie Trower

Certainly not a crank or a so called ‘conspiracy theorist’ – although what he reveals could certainly make you think so. We tend to think that this is the imagined stuff of science fiction films – sadly it’s not. We don’t know the half of it. And now they want to put 5G microwave transmitters on lamp posts, in every street so no one can escape.

Are YOU comfortable and happy with that?

What Dr. Trower says makes perfect sense to me as a qualified electronics engineer. When it comes to the technological minutiae he is absolutely correct in what he says. It’s accurately based on established physics principles. No made up stuff. However he’s badly mistaken in his illusion that royalty can be the saviour of the situation. Perhaps that’s due to his background and who he has worked for. I believe the royal bloodlines are up to their neck in it – in fact I would go so far as to say they are near to the core of the problem. I may not fully go along with David Icke that they may be an alien reptile species, but he’s not too far wrong about their part in the whole sordid, pathological agenda that is behind what we see. After all isn’t the establishment built around them?

There is also a growing realisation that there is a ‘coincidental’ connection between the rolling out of microwave frequency communication (5G) and this so-called Covid-19 panic pandemic. Check out Wuhan in this context. There is currently an hysterical screaming backlash from the establishment if you dare mention this – I wonder why?


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