When it comes to this Covid-19 so called ‘pandemic’. In the past – before designating a disease outbreak a pandemic, the number of fatalities, or the percentage of fatalities are taken into consideration (research the ‘Spanish’ Flu Pandemic – which wasn’t Spanish, it started in a military base in the USA). This has not been the case in the strange case of C-19 – odd that! Because MOST people recover from it – as they would with a common cold or flu virus – many are asymptomatic, i.e. they don’t present with ANY symptoms. A big chunk of people who show symptoms of possibly another Corona virus (like a common cold or flu) may be wrongly diagnosed. The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test is not accurate – that is from the person who headed up the team that developed it. In fact some medical experts go so far as to say that in some instances it throws up both false positive and false negative results to the tune of 80%.

Do Old & Vulnerable People Die FROM or Also WITH C-19?

The figures appear to indicate that the average death rate across the populations of the earth ,from this outbreak, is around 2 – 3%, far less in some countries. Admittedly the percentage is greater for aged people (with naturally weakened immune systems due to age) and other underlying existing poor health factors that are present in that group. This is ALWAYS the case with all disease, including seasonal flu outbreaks. Whilst the last straw on the camel’s back may be quite a benign infection; those in existing poor health (especially the aged), may die as a result of the extra medical condition load that they already have. Does this mean the last infection (C-19) killed them? Or have they been the victim of an accumulation of problems? However the death certificate shows that they died of C-19. Italy has released figures that admit that 99% of those who have died, did so as they already had a pre existing medical condition or a weakened immune system.There’s fuzzy logic at work there somewhere. It also keeps the mortality figures ticking over.


It is my honest opinion that this outbreak is a fantastic scapegoat – it ticks all the boxes. All the boxes for what? The collapse of the present economic system which has been on the verge of collapse since 2008, anyone with half an alert neuron on duty, knows that, because the world’s economic model is critically flawed and is not sustainable – it is GUARANTEED to pop at some point. That time is now. So it’s a brilliant excuse to blame it on something that has nothing to do with the financial crisis. A classic case of: present a PROBLEM (either manufactured or non existent). Wait for the REACTION (oh my God – PANIC – we’re all going to die – you (the government) have to do something about this). Then ‘they’ the poers that be offer the SOLUTION (we need to take away your freedoms and rights and get you to volunteer for what is basically house arrest). The deep state global cabal has made it’s move. The next stage is the Hunger Games society. It’s all there for you to see – just read the contents of the Agenda 21/ 2030 documents. The ridiculous man made climate warming scam is also at it’s core, and now this hoax C-19 scare.


The result? The world in one quantum leap has arrived at the doorstep of a centrally controlled, global, totalitarian state. The New World Order is here. Something some of the more awake amongst us have been warning about for years.

No Going Back

Make no mistake, things have changed for good. Talk of getting back to our struggle for independence in this minuscule country, when this is over, is cloud cuckoo land dream stuff. It’s like a little boy playing with his Lego blocks in his bedroom, dreaming of building a new house, whilst the house around him is burning down and the fire engines are parked on the lawn outside. Just look around you and wake up to the reality people.

Dr. JOHN BERGMAN ” Why I dont FEAR Covid 19″:

Try and find the time to view this video clip from Dr. John Bergman, someone I have admired for years. It’s amazing why people can’t see the elephant in the room that is in plain sight for all to see.

Can You Trust The Figures Released By The Mainstream Media?

The figures for death rates of the actual Covid-19 (C-19) strain of Corona viruses are very vague and misleading. If you choose to trust what you are hearing and seeing via the mainstream media then that’s up to you. If you research a bit deeper – and there’s no excuse for not doing personal research in this modern day of easily sourced information -you’ll find a different story. But hurry, because the amount of truth bearing material is diminishing by the day, as sources like YouTube are accelerating the taking down of this information from that source. The last thing the elite, 1% cabal want is for the truth to be revealed, that undermines their version of events and exposes their agenda. Who monitors what is truth and what is false information? Why the establishment of course!

At present there is no test for the specific C-19 strain.

There is a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test, however that test simply shows up remnants of ANY Corona virus DNA/ RDA in your system, and even that test is actually quite unreliable.  The majority of human kind have these remnants in their bodies from previous infections. Most cold and flu viruses are in the Corona virus family of viruses.

Consequently the actual deaths from this strain is a total unknown. Bear in mind that the symptoms are almost identical to most flu infections. The diagnosis, at present, are based on symptoms alone – not the specific identification of the C-19 strain of Corona viruses. So a wrong diagnosis is often put in the wrong column as cause of eventual death (which is usually pneumonia), 99% of which occur amongst the same elderly/ immune system compromised/ underlying existing health problems group as die from seasonal flu every year.

The most suspicious thing is that when overall death rates are compared to those of 2019 in the UK, the figures show more deaths than in 2020 for the same period. On the European continent the figures are about equal – you do the maths to come to your own conclusions why that is. Whilst the public are fed the line that corpses are piling up and the hospitals are overrun.

Everyone I’ve spoken to when asked if they know anyone who has died of this supposed pandemic, the answer I always get is NO. Even if you don’t believe the theory of six degrees of seperation, surely someone would have known a victim somewhere. My sister -in -law tells me that her brother works in one of the largest hospitals in Wales, (the Heath in Cardiff) and he said it’s like a ghost town there. I spoke to my next door neighbour last week, who is pregnant, and had to go for a scan. She and her husband reported the same thing for our local Bronglais hospital in Aberystwyth, the place was like a grave, with empty ambulances parked outside the A & E department – it was quite spooky they said. I also spoke to a front line health care nurse last week, who works at Bronglais, she confirmed what my neighbour had said, in fact she giggled when asked if she was busy, and said she had never seen it so quiet and empty. A bit strange that when we are told that we are being ravaged by a killer virus!

Evidence From All Quarters.

You may sniff at what David Icke says on this subject, again thanks to the ridicule poured upon him by the mainstream media, and as a consequence a large swathe of the general public – in their sheep-like ignorance. However, no one can claim that he’s not  a dedicated researcher of rare quality over three decades. Although his observations and the books he’s written over those thirty years of research have been laughed at, his predictions have been unerringly accurate – so who’s laughing now?

If you have an open mind, please view and listen to the video below, it will explain the strange and ever changing ‘figures’ that are coming out of this scare. It also throws light on the tests that are said to be used to detect the virus – if indeed it IS a virus. More about that from Doctor Andrew Kauffman in the video below this one. More importantly it throws light on the connection between the roll-out of 5G and this sudden and mysterious ‘virus’ outbreak. There’s more on that connection in Dr. Rashid Buttar’s videos that I linked to in a previous post.


What If This Mysterious Illness Is Not Actually a Virus At all?

There is indeed compelling evidence provided by Dr. Kauffman, that what is being tested is a product of our own bodies – the presence of Exosomes. It seems that Exosomes are identical to what is proposed to be a ‘virus’, namely the Corvid-19 strain from the large family of Corona viruses. The media would have us misleadingly believe that the ‘test ‘ that they perform is specifically for the presence of the Covid-19 strain of Corona viruses. This hugely misleading and quite frankly a blatant lie!

More about Exosomes in this video:

You owe it to yourself and your family to filter through this information.

It doesn’t really matter if this virus was created in a lab, or whether it has come from a ‘wild’ source, it’s the fact that it has been used as a tool to bring in draconian, totalitarian powers that should be the cause for alarm. If Dr. Andrew Kauffman’s theory is correct, it may not actually be a virus at all! I have not come down on one side or the other on that – but I am convinced that what we are seeing is not the truth or the reality of the situation.


The mainstream (false) media have done their part, as they’ve been ordered to do. Nothing extraordinary there. These are the very things that some of us have been warning about for a very long time – but generally it’s been ridiculed and ignored.

The politicians will not answer any questions post this period, most of them are just ignorant puppets who haven’t got a clue what it’s all about anyway, and just go with the flow.

Simple facts:

  1. The Covid-19 virus is relatively benign – that’s been admitted to – it kills between 1 – 2% of those who contract it. Far less than the number of aged and those suffering underlying health problems normally do when any respiratory viral outbreak occurs. It kills less that seasonal flu. When compared to a real pandemic, like the ‘Spanish’ Flu outbreak that killed between 50 – 100 million people it’s nothing worse than a common cold.
  2. All the fuss about testing is invalid. The PCR test only verifies (quite inaccurately at best) that the person tested has DNA/ RDA remnants of a Corona family virus in their bodies from a previous infection. Most of the population have at some time contracted a Corona virus of some kind – NOT specifically C-19. So all positive tests for past Corona virus infection is now labelled as a positive test for C-19.
  3. The figures are totally contorted and not relevant.
  4. The clever thing is that the C-19 strain has been used as a perfect Trojan Horse to kick into life a mass panic and an opportunity to bring forward the totalitarian goals of the ones with power, wealth and influence to achieve what they are aiming for.
  5. This so called pandemic is the perfect opportunity to collapse the current world economic system that is fatally ill and on the verge of breaking down over recent decades. The perfect excuse for a reboot blamed on a pandemic which will be claimed to be outside the power of the financial experts to evade.

It really is as plain as the nose on your face – assuming those eyes that cannot see start to work again!


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