A fascinating insight into what is ACTUALLY going on in these dark times.

In this podcast Richie is joined by Tony Gosling and Hayden Hewitt.

Former BBC journalist and current BCfm Politics Show host Tony Gosling is stranded in new Zealand. Tony shares his thoughts on the financial consequences of the coronavirus lockdown and the unprecedented power grab by governments around the world.

Co-founder of liveleak.com and the man behind triggerwarning.tv Hayden Hewitt returns to the show. Hayden was astonished to learn that his unwell mother in-law was told by her doctor that they couldn’t see her, but that they could send her an end of life care package over the phone! This seems to be because the NHS is prioritising coronavirus care for the young and the fit. Hayden explains and it is shocking.

News outlets like Richie Allen give you TRUTHFUL news that you’ll never hear in the mainstream (false) news media outlets!



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